lividlili is also known as Nat Newman, and both are writers, travellers, livers and drinkers. Although perhaps the latter may have an effect on the penultimate in that list…

Do you ever get jealous of other people’s incredible ability to take gorgeous holiday snaps, tell a terrific tourist tale, rave about a hidden gem of a restaurant and always manage to find the party?


I can’t do any of those things! If you’re looking for those stories, you should probably go somewhere else.

I’m a lazy tourist, a lazy writer, a lazy photographer and a lousy drunk.

In these pages you may read a sentence or two about a good holiday destination but mostly you will find out how much the beer was and whether or not I had a hangover the next day. That’s just the way I roll…

I also occasionally rant about feminism and toilets – both of which I love.


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Published work

Out there in the real world I write as N. Newman and Nat Newman. In 2017, I was the Pacific winner for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize and my story “The Death of Margaret Roe” was published by Granta.

I have also been published in Under the Radar by Nine Arches Press, Shoreline of Infinity, Severine, Diva Magazine, Structo, Brittle Star Magazine, The F Word, Headstuff, Literature Works, LOTL, Opus, New Mardi Gras Short Story Competition and The Disappearing.

I’m working on several short stories and a couple of novels. So watch out for them. They might bite!