Haute Couture Bullshit

Some designer is making clothes out of cow dung. Look, I’m all for people doing innovative things with waste products, and animal excrement is actually a pretty serious problem. It’s a major contributor to the eutrophication of our waterways, leading to algal blooms and hypoxia (the depletion of oxygen in water, leading to the death […]

Chicken poo power

A chicken/egg farm in Queensland is attempting to reduce its power bill by harnessing the power of chicken poo. CEO Geoff Sondergeld hopes that the installation of power-producing digesters will drastically cut their cost of electricity. Although the power company will not permit them to go completely off-grid, the infrastructure should pay itself off within […]

A poo bus

The UK’s first bus run on biogas has hit the streets of Bristol. Wittily named ‘the number two’, the bus runs between Bath and Bristol Airport. The yearly output of 5 people is needed for each tank of gas. Wondering what biogas is? If you haven’t already figured it out, it’s gas made from sewage […]