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Presents in the plumbing 2

Presents in the plumbing

In my first two weeks at my new job I was struck by dirty bombs three times! I haven’t been struck again since (perhaps there was something wrong with the plumbing which has been fixed) but please – ladies, gentlemen – repeat after me: – Poo – Flush – Check...

Re-employment 0


I’m recently re-employed again (hence the slight downturn in regular blog postings). The toilets at my new place of employment are a little on the miserable side, and it got me to thinking – job interviews should be held in toilets.   Seriously. There are plenty of seats, you can...

Unemployment 2


Tomorrow is my last day at my current job. There are many reasons why I’m leaving, but this is the main one: You can see why I have to leave. Let me show you again, just to make sure you got it. Sigh.

Dirty Bombs 0

Dirty Bombs

There’s nothing worse than walking into a toilet and finding pee on the seat. Or so I thought until Thursday.A friend walked into the toilets at her work and discovered not one, but two poo pellets on the seat.I have a number of questions about this. How do you manage...

Bog Roll 01 0

Bog Roll 01

Most of my Inspiration observations about toilet etiquette are Salt made at work. My work Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys toilets are located in the stairwell between two floors, meaning that we share our toilets with the ladies from the floor below. So when I notice cheap MLB jerseys a breach...