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Space toilet chocolates

Sometimes a story just falls out of the sky and lands in your lap and says, “Hey, man, the universe is on your side.” That’s how I feel about this story about everybody’s favourite astronaut Cady Coleman. I’ve written before about toilets on the International Space Station because frankly who...

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Spacey commode

The sun goes down, the day turns to night. You look up at the stars and see a light moving faster than the others – is it a satellite? A plane? The space station? Ooh, ooh it’s the space station! And, of course, your first thought is always, how do...

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No relief on space station

Cosmonauts and astronauts aboard the International Space Station are heading for a potential hygiene hazard with the malfunction of the toilet system. The system has been experiencing problems for the past week with each repair failing. Without the assistance of gravity, space toilets use “fan-driven airflow to transport human waste...