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Zagreb Vis a Vis

Quite by accident we ended up at an exhibition launch last night. (it seems to me that I start a lot of blog posts with ‘quite by accident’) Held at the Institut Francais, the exhibition showcases jewellery made by the Jewellery Friends Club. The Club took France as their inspiration,...

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Dada Cultural Bar – Sofia

Coming home from dinner one night in Sofia we walked past a cool little bar. It looked like a band was just about to start so we popped inside for a beer and a listen. We’re normally pretty rubbish at finding all the ‘cool places’ in a city but lately...


Here I Am, Here You Are

Can’t remember what happened last time? Read the first parts of the story here: One: Parking in the Rain Two: A Doorway Three: The Party At the end of voting on part 3 there was a tie. The choices were: She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and started...

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The Party

I guess most of you felt the man is more adventurous than generous, so the result was: “Do you want to come to a party?” (57%) Missed the beginning? Read Part 1 and Part 2. Part 3 – The Party “Hey,” he said, suddenly deciding. “Do you want to come...


The Birthday Party

Having never done this before, he wondered what to do. Obviously, he received his guests with respect. “Thank you for coming. Lovely to see you,” he said, to people he didn’t know. Eventually he grew tired and started to cry. It was his first birthday, after all.