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Zagreb After Hours

If you get to the Dolac, or any of Zagreb’s markets, just as it’s closing, you’ll see a small army of old women in three-quarter length worsted skirts, digging through the leftover boxes, looking for food. This is Zagreb after hours. You can get quite a meal, if you know...


Left Behind

Serena thought death would smell, but it hadn’t – at least, not at first. She’d woken up in a room not too dissimilar to the one she’d last fallen asleep in. When she opened her eyes she was standing, actually standing, for the first time in weeks. She blinked a...



Like a lot of people around the world, I was saddened today to hear about the death of Terry Pratchett – AT LAST, SIR TERRY, said Death, and they walked out the door together. C and I were talking about literature the other day, about answering questions like “what are...


Beware of Pity – Stefan Zweig – review

Beware of Pity – Stefan Zweig Pushkin Press (July 13, 2011) Review: Zweig’s masterpiece is ultimately over-long and rather pointless. It is just before the outbreak of World War I and young Austrian officer Anton Hofmiller is stationed at a Hungarian outpost. He befriends a local rich family, the Kekesfalvas,...


Halloween, Croatian Style

My aunt exhorted us to come back and visit for Svi Sveti over the weekend, tempting us with the promise of something special for lunch. “You must come back for All Saints,” she said. “We’ll be killing a turkey.” Well, who could resist? The holiday is a very important one,...


Red, Lonely

Another beautiful piece from one of my very favourite artists, Slinkachu. According to his bio, Slinkachu has been “abandoning little people on the streets since 2006”. I love each and every one of these little guys. I hope you do, too! Check out the post here.


Short and sharp

Well that was quick. After sending off 4 stories just a few days ago, I’ve already got my first rejection! Based on the speed and curtness of the response, I’d say that my story is really not what they were after. It was my first foray into writing horror and...

Woman who draws dicks gets more clicks than man who reads all the books left by his dead grandfather 2

People are Rubbish

In the spirit of data collection, I’ve taken to using Bitly to see which of my links people actually clink on. And the results are, I have to say, despairing. I shared a few stories this week. One was about a woman who draws penises using her Nike running app....


The Long View

I send off a couple of stories each month to various journals and competitions. Sometimes I get published, sometimes I get mercilessly rejected and my heart trampled into the still fiery coals of a summer bonfire. Bastards. I recently entered the Fish Publishing Flash Fiction prize and, although I didn’t...