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Running and rabies

Ah. It’s me. I’m back. I still have a stack of posts to write up about “le grand walk” (not sure why it’s French, as I was walking in England, but anyway…) But in the meantime, a quick anecdote. I went for a run. Perhaps that was my first mistake....



– Yoghurt can be, but then you shouldn’t eat it – But you would eat the cheese, if it were – My jumper, which smells of cigarettes from last night’s bar – Your favourite packet of crisps – What we call your hair, in that other place, where we’re from...


My untamed addiction

I fill the spoon, light the stove, watch the blue flames as they leap up then calm back down, ready to prepare my hit, my delight, my patience, my joy, my solitude, my ecstasy. My god damn cup of tea. I don’t know when this addiction started. I used to...


The un-Holiday

So here I am back home in Australia. I’ve been here for exactly 3 weeks (can that be right?? I need to buy a calendar) and there’s just one more week to go. In that time I’ve celebrated Christmas, hung out with family and friends, met Ian Thorpe (weird story),...

Fear of thongs 0


With the advent of spring, C and I are wearing our Australian national footwear – thongs (or flip flops, if you must). We are now wandering the streets of Zagreb feeling cool and looking fab. There’s just one small problem. Japanke*. Basically, Croatians have an irrational fear of cold feet....


Surviving the Cold

We had quite the beautiful long hot gorgeous sun-filled summer and I really can’t complain about it. But I can complain about the winter. And I will. We’re two Australian women living in Croatia. Up until recently, we didn’t know how to operate a central-heating system. Actually, I don’t even...


Alas – they chose ‘ZA’

Well, it was really no surprise. The Croatian referendum passed. Heterosexual marriage is now enshrined in the constitution. A quick survey of the international press, and you may think that Croatians were asked to vote on gay marriage. They weren’t. The question posed by the referendum was: Do you believe...


Google’s Specs

No matter how connected you are, do you ever sometimes get the impression that Google just doesn’t get you? It’s no secret that I love books. I love them so much I frequently fall asleep with one on my chest, under the pillow, on the floor, over my face… sometimes...



We’re off to London tomorrow. Oh the excitement! You’re probably thinking — Soho, Westminster, Trafalgar Square, Tate, British Museum, St Paul’s… Sure. All those things are great. They really are. But do you know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking Pho… And lime pickle. And curry. And goddamn sushi. Cos nothing...


These used to be my fat pants

A funny thing happens when you emigrate to a new country – and by ‘funny’ I mean really bullshit. You end up putting on piles of weight. And by ‘you’ I mean women, because for some reason this doesn’t happen to dudes.