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COOH loos

During a conversation with a client today, I revealed many things about myself – not always to my best advantage. But one of those was the fact that I used to review loos. So here we go again. An unbiased review of the toilets at COOH Alexandria.


English cuisine

We’ve just returned from a week in the UK, specifically England, and mostly we ate our faces off. I know that most people don’t immediately think – ah, yes, excellent food! – when heading to England, but there you go. That’s why we go. For the food. Not English food,...


A sparrow’s feast

The sparrows on the roof of the garage are eating the apples that have fallen there from the tree next door. A little feast of fruit, looking like it has spilled from a basket, tumbled from some baka‘s wheely trolley as she struggles up the hill, some dedo‘s donkey as...


A Konzum on every corner

You are never far from a supermarket in Zagreb. The local variety is called Konzum and they are literally to be found on every corner. Once, in class, Bruno declared that you couldn’t go 150 metres without running into a Konzum, and he may have been right. We have a...


The painter in the Konzum

In Australia – I dunno, maybe this is a cliche – but in Australia men with physical jobs, say plumbers or builders or painters, will pack their Esky full of leftovers, sandwiches, soups and bring it in for their lunch. Mostly it’ll be last night’s dinner or whatever their partners...


On the phenomenon of toilet cafes

Approximately one hundred years ago, this blog started life as a place where I could collect all the toilet news you never knew you wanted to know. A few years have passed since I’ve done anything regularly toilet-related, but today an email popped into my inbox about a toilet cafe...


Zagreb After Hours

If you get to the Dolac, or any of Zagreb’s markets, just as it’s closing, you’ll see a small army of old women in three-quarter length worsted skirts, digging through the leftover boxes, looking for food. This is Zagreb after hours. You can get quite a meal, if you know...


The waiter of Marseille

At first glance, Marseille is a sprawling harbour city, with restaurants and bars stretching from end to end. But just one street back and away from this central hub and you’ll find small squares bustling with friendly locals, affordable beer and multicultural food. After a delicious dinner of mussels and...


The Simple Things

de simple tings of life, mi dear de simple tings of life ~ Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze Plums on the ground. The ground. Not of a supermarket, tumbled off the crate. Not on the kitchen floor, rolled out of the bag, across the counter, fallen from the bench. Just on the...