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Women and children 0

Women and children

Bog Standard is not just a brilliant name for a campaign – it is a brilliant campaign. Launched in October 2004, Bog Standard aims to improve toilet facilities for school children in the UK, and it has brought the issue of toilets for pupils to the fore. It is headed...

Friday Flush 08.08.08 0

Friday Flush 08.08.08

An auspicious day, according to the Chinese, and with the opening of the Olympics today, Beijing can be proud to boast that it has 5,333 public toilets and 8,000 toilet attendants.   Topping the list of most useful items in this week’s flush is The Woon Box, an all-in-one toilet,...

Tesco toilet update 0

Tesco toilet update

Ah, so the reason that Tesco’s meat processor Brown Brothers’ shitty toilet practices have made it into the news (you might need to read that sentence a couple of times to make sense of it) is because the union has staged a protest at the Lanark Tesco. I probably should...

Friday Flush 1.08.2008 0

Friday Flush 1.08.2008

Bringing you all the loo news you can handle, and some that you can’t – just in time for the weekend!   Sheffield artist Jacqui Bellamy has been snapping photos of women in the toilets of nightclub Razor Stiletto “queuing, chatting, putting on make-up etc,” and will be showing her...

Friday Flush 25/07/2008 0

Friday Flush 25/07/2008

Oooh, it’s quite an international flush today, and a big one at that! So what we need is a massive toilet. A Yorkshire Water campaign to encourage people to ‘do one thing differently’ to conserve water is being fronted by giant toilets. I don’t believe the toilets actually speak or...

Friday Flush 1

Friday Flush

Queer – Pride London has issued a statement providing further details about the incident where a trans woman was denied access to the female toilets. As always, the incident was more complicated than was at first reported.   Opening and closing – The toilets on Southend’s seafront have been closed...

washing machine toilet 5

Wee and wash: what next?

In this eco-conscious world o’ ours, it’s great to see some innovation in the bathroom. A real step up from the brick in the cistern. That’s right. It’s a washing machine. On a toilet. Of course, there are many (more sensible) eco-friendly toilet solutions. This sexy number from Matsushita, made...

Posh poos 0

Posh poos

There’s an article on the Boston Herald website about the poshest sorts of toilets you can get for your own home including… a throne. You can be proud owner of a sleek and sexy toilet – BostonHerald.com The history of toilets in private homes is primarily a story of the...

Misquote of the week 0

Misquote of the week

“I’m campaigning on the fact we have managed to get policies adopted such as the community toilet scheme… I hope I will hold on to my seat.”   Hertsmere Labour group leader, Ann Harrison   http://www.borehamwoodtimes.co.uk/display.var.2198628.0.0.php

Stirring the Pot 0

Stirring the Pot

You’d have to have been hiding under your toilet to have missed the news out of the UK this week of a national government guideline on public toilets. Communities Minister Baroness Andrews unveiled the guidelines today, admitting that “some people may find the whole idea of a strategic guide on...