A poo bus

The UK’s first bus run on biogas has hit the streets of Bristol. Wittily named ‘the number two’, the bus runs between Bath and Bristol Airport. The yearly output of 5 people is needed for each tank of gas. Wondering what biogas is? If you haven’t already figured it out, it’s gas made from sewage […]

Obesity – it’s not stupid

I’ve been struck down with the most severe bout of hayfever ever to be experienced by anyone ever which means that I’ve spent a large chunk of today hanging upside down off the edge of the couch, trying to drink tea and catching up on some old articles I’ve been meaning to read for aeons. […]

The Compulsory City

It is a well known and established fact that you cannot go to Vienna without going to see a Viennese concert. You will be stopped at the Austrian border, questioned vigorously and sent back to the capital if you attempt to avoid it; you will also be forced to wear lederhosen. The first time visitor […]

Jane Eyre at the Bristol Old Vic – Pt 2

“I can’t understand why this isn’t packed,” said the lady next to me, who was having a fabulous night. “I’m going to tell all my friends to come!” We were at the Bristol Old Vic, watching the second and final part of Sally Cookson’s Jane Eyre. In the first show we were introduced to plain, […]

Women in Beer Ads

Many years ago, I wrote to Carlton United Breweries asking why they never showed women drinking beer in their ads. I pointed out that I and my friends were all professional women with good jobs, well-travelled, politically interested… and we all drank beer. Why then were we so grossly excluded from their ads? It’s very […]

Jane Eyre at the Bristol Old Vic – Pt 1

Is the sum worth its parts? I went along to catch the first part of the two-part Jane Eyre which opened last night (previews) at the Bristol Old Vic. Sally Cookson has translated the classic Bronte novel into a breathtaking mix of music, stomp, dance, lights, gags and, of course, drama. A clever set design […]

If you love something…

I’m not some crazy gangbusters fastidious dieter, but I’m a pretty healthy person. I like to cook my meals from scratch as much as possible. But like everyone I love a bit of junk and some convenience foods. They’re just so damn convenient! Chocolate, ice cream, croissants, donuts, variations on those (cronuts, anyone?), milkshakes, pineapple […]

Friday Flush 6 July 2012

The toilet tour

Welcome to your semi-regular dump of all the loo news you didn’t know you needed! First up, Liberian journos are being called on to report more extensively on water and sanitation issues. The president of the Press Union of Liberia made the remarks at a 3 day workshop for WASH reporters. Also this week, the […]

Friday Flush – 1 June 2012

Welcome back to the boglogger’s Friday Flush! Catch up on the web’s premier round up of global loo news! To Pee or Not to Pee First up, a debate in the UK about whether or not it is acceptable to urinate in public. You can read the full article here, but for me the real […]

Friday Flush 28.Nov.08

Welcome back to The Bog Logger! I’ve been on a wee hiatus, but I’m back now with news, reviews, and the view from the loo. Openings There have been a few exciting toilet openings this week. First of all, the famed Charmin Restrooms have opened for the third year in New York. The 20 luxury […]