Ian Thorpe forced to stay in closet

Ian Thorpe revealed yesterday that he was forced to stay in the closet as a teenager because he was asked too early about his sexuality. Thorpe, an Olympic gold medallist and champion swimmer, who came out publicly as gay last year, was attending a panel on homophobia in sport as part of the Mardi Gras […]

Zagreb Pride

I’ve been to a few European prides over the past two years and what I love about them is that they’re way more basic than the super extravagant Sydney Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras has its place, and I love it. But you couldn’t get more grass roots, basic, and authentic than Zagreb Pride which was […]

Why I’m not livid about that anti gay marriage ad

that anti gay marriage ad

There was a little party in Sydney on the weekend, just a tiny thing called the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. With a lack of class that’s breathtaking in its audacity, a mob which calls itself the Australian Marriage Forum paid for an anti gay marriage ad to be broadcast during the Mardi Gras […]

Alas – they chose ‘ZA’

Well, it was really no surprise. The Croatian referendum passed. Heterosexual marriage is now enshrined in the constitution. A quick survey of the international press, and you may think that Croatians were asked to vote on gay marriage. They weren’t. The question posed by the referendum was: Do you believe that marriage is between a […]


On 1 December, Croatia will vote whether or not to change its constitution to ensure that marriage is only ever defined as a union between a man and a woman, putting it in the illustrious company of Belarus, Bulgaria and Ukraine. The referendum is costing 43 million Kuna (about 5.6 million Euro) and is likely […]

Coming out in Croatia

vegetarian? okay, I make lamb

We’re lucky enough to have family who we can go visit out in the countryside. It’s our opportunity to have homemade wine, homemade salami, home cooked traditional Croatian meals and just relax after a busy week in the bustling city. My family are very simple, rustic people with big hearts. They’re okay with the gay […]

Something about the election

Well, I suppose I should probably say something about the Australian federal election. I’m a Facebook addict and I’ve recently gotten on to Twitter and I’ve noticed that across all of my social media everyone hates the Liberal party. It makes me wonder who votes for them? People not on the internet, I suppose. Certainly […]

Why you’ll never be a writer

Ever needed to jerk off so hard that your dad had to give you money for a hooker which ended in you breaking a chamber pot and having to hit up your grandfather for cash? No? That’s why you’ll never write great literature. Find out more…


Being in Europe brings home certain uncomfortable things – like how close war and despair can be. War here is such a scar on the landscape that it is difficult to ignore it. I’ve been in other places where it’s more painfully evident – Kosovo, Mostar, parts of Vietnam – but even in Western Europe […]

Eastern Suburbs Princess

Quoted in this week’s Central mag, Roller Derbyist Simone Boudoir expresses surprise that most of the other Roller Derby women are from around Newtown. I don’t know why that is; maybe the girls from the Eastern Suburbs are a bit princessy. Yeah. Ooooo-kay. Or maybe, despite what Hollywood movies might try to tell you, Roller […]