Jane Eyre at the Bristol Old Vic – Pt 2

“I can’t understand why this isn’t packed,” said the lady next to me, who was having a fabulous night. “I’m going to tell all my friends to come!” We were at the Bristol Old Vic, watching the second and final part of Sally Cookson’s Jane Eyre. In the first show we were introduced to plain, […]

Jane Eyre at the Bristol Old Vic – Pt 1

Is the sum worth its parts? I went along to catch the first part of the two-part Jane Eyre which opened last night (previews) at the Bristol Old Vic. Sally Cookson has translated the classic Bronte novel into a breathtaking mix of music, stomp, dance, lights, gags and, of course, drama. A clever set design […]

Klapa along

A few weeks ago, I went to see a performance of klapa at the Croatian Museum of Natural History. I’m not sure what I was expecting – maybe a Capella sung from within the ribcage of a long dead brachiosaurus? A choir of stuffed dodos? Getting down and dirty with dusty fossils? I suppose I […]

The bells, the bells

We can’t avoid this, Zagreb. We have to talk about the bells, the obsession with bells. It is not a mild obsession; kicking off at 6 in the morning they continue on til 10 at night. Usually, they are regular and seem to follow a schedule, but then there are those that just clang away […]

The sounds

Normally the first thing I unpack when I move into a new place – or the first thing I buy, if it’s a new country – is a stereo. A house without music is not a home. “Silence, something about silence makes me sick.” But so far we haven’t got round to buying one. Part […]

Saturday morning

The myna landed on the rail and blinked at me, startled. The streak of yellow in its wing made it fish-like and as it darted off again I felt like I was under water, with the day all cool and foggy, misty water, slow and sluggish. When I’m at the Opera House, I look up […]

5. Dear Aliens

Dear Aliens, When you come visit from space and step upon our beautiful bountiful Earth you may look about yourselves and be agog at our fantastic buildings and magnificent vistas and compare them to the barchan dunes of Mars. You may look at our hairy skin and the fur and scales of our animals and […]