Apron strings

Annalise woke at the edge of the I-45 to Montana. Dead in a ditch. Again. Not for the first time, she wondered at the sheer lack of imagination of it all. She got up and dusted off her torn jeans. Her shirt was missing, but she still had on her sports bra. She had always […]

These Black Lips

I open up. I desire. I expire. This is what I do. This is what I have always done. ‘“I love you,” you said, and I felt it in my spine. It curled. “Do you love me too?” you said, but I didn’t answer. I gave you my eyes, my throat, my cheeks. I felt […]

Jan’s slippers

Friday Flash Fiction: The slippers had been bought in Japan by a travelling aunt who had been everywhere, it seemed, except for Jan’s living room.

The ignorosphere

Friday Flash Fiction – new flash posted every Friday unless I’m too drunk to remember Just because you didn’t know we were here, doesn’t mean we didn’t exist. It was easy for you to explore the air above your earth, the air where you lived and climbed and flew. That was enough for you for […]

Guido orders a meal

Guido had eaten camel in Uzbekistan, scorpions in Mexico, bear in Russia. He’d even once eaten live baby eels right out of a boa’s belly. But this was his scariest meal yet.


He withdraws bloody claws, flicks chunks of bone to the side. He thinks about his first kill, back when he was a wee pup. He didn’t know then that Benny wasn’t any old bird. She was one of the family, just like him. There had been anger, then. Slaps. He’s much wiser now. He settles […]

The Salt Cellar

When you spill salt on the table, you’re supposed to pick up a pinch and throw it over your left shoulder. This will, it is hoped, ward off evil spirits, bad luck, witches, Brussels sprouts and all sorts of other nasty things. Petra had learned this from a young age. Like everyone, she knew that […]

Left Behind

Serena thought death would smell, but it hadn’t – at least, not at first. She’d woken up in a room not too dissimilar to the one she’d last fallen asleep in. When she opened her eyes she was standing, actually standing, for the first time in weeks. She blinked a few times, reached up her […]

The Fall of the Soviet Union – a love story

The Fall of the Soviet Union

“They say that when Mikhail Gorbachev first heard the Muzak version of Edge of Seventeen, it knocked him out cold.” This is what Alexis told me, as we sat blowing smoke rings on the banks of the Sava river. The thing about Alexis is, he doesn’t know how to lie. He can’t. He hasn’t got […]


Can’t remember what happened last time? Read the first parts of the story here: One: Parking in the Rain Two: A Doorway Three: The Party Four: Here I Am, Here You Are At the end of voting on Part 4, the winner was: “The nice recluse scenario (63%)” Part 5 – Trying With his hands […]