A Very Tough Marathon

We stumbled into the Zagreb marathon on the weekend. I don’t mean that we accidentally found ourselves running 42 kilometers *shudder*. Just that we went for a walk and BANG, there was a marathon going through the centre of town. And let me tell you, walking down Ilica when it’s completely closed to traffic is […]

Playground Fun

If, like many a lazy tourist, you baulk at paying €8 for a museum or art gallery which you’ll probably be bored out of your mind in – well, have I got news for you! Many of Madrid’s major galleries and museums have free hours or even free days! Taking advantage of one of these, […]

One Street in Madrid

Swing dancers, San Fernando Mercado

We’ve been in Madrid for two weeks now and in that time we’ve become intimately acquainted with our street… and not much else. In our defence, our street has a small supermarket, a grocery, a churros factory (!), an alimentacion which is open late (for sneaky late night tinnies of cold beer) and several bars […]

I blame the Prado

I’m suffering a little from a hangover today and I lay the blame entirely at the feet of the Prado Museum. “Museo del Prado (Madrid) 04” by Brian Snelson from United Kingdom – Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons. The Prado is a world class art gallery in a gorgeous building. But […]

Approaches to Madrid

I’ve had my fair share of annoying travel mishaps: cancelled flights, extended delays, road & track closures, detours. Then there was that time I stood on a train for 30 hours from Nanning to Shanghai, jammed in a wagon with 300 smoking Chinese people. But none of those can deliver quite the exquisite pain of […]

In Love in Seville

I’ve been woken, again, by the sound of suitcase wheels being dragged along the cobblestones. What time is it? I can hear birds singing, so it must be daylight. A car rattles down the street and a man calls out ‘Buenos dias!’ Ah, yes, it’s the second morning of our stay in Seville and I’m […]

The Compulsory City

It is a well known and established fact that you cannot go to Vienna without going to see a Viennese concert. You will be stopped at the Austrian border, questioned vigorously and sent back to the capital if you attempt to avoid it; you will also be forced to wear lederhosen. The first time visitor […]