Author: lividlili


Apron strings

Annalise woke at the edge of the I-45 to Montana. Dead in a ditch. Again. Not for the first time, she wondered at the sheer lack of imagination of it all. She got up and dusted off her torn jeans. Her shirt was missing, but she still had on her...


These Black Lips

I open up. I desire. I expire. This is what I do. This is what I have always done. ‘“I love you,” you said, and I felt it in my spine. It curled. “Do you love me too?” you said, but I didn’t answer. I gave you my eyes, my...


Jan’s slippers

Friday Flash Fiction: The slippers had been bought in Japan by a travelling aunt who had been everywhere, it seemed, except for Jan’s living room.


The ignorosphere

Friday Flash Fiction – new flash posted every Friday unless I’m too drunk to remember Just because you didn’t know we were here, doesn’t mean we didn’t exist. It was easy for you to explore the air above your earth, the air where you lived and climbed and flew. That...


Guido orders a meal

Guido had eaten camel in Uzbekistan, scorpions in Mexico, bear in Russia. He’d even once eaten live baby eels right out of a boa’s belly. But this was his scariest meal yet.


Cebu is not by the sea

Once upon a time, I used to research a place before I visited it. Now I just make a bunch of bookings and hope for the best. Sometimes this laissez-faire strategy works out – like Taipei, an amazing place and one of the most enjoyable city breaks I’ve had. And...


Rekindling Friday Flash Fiction

A couple of years ago, I attempted to write a flash fiction story and publish it each Friday. And yep, I’m trying again. Friday Flash Fiction kicks off on 6 March 2020. Keep your eyeballs peeled.


How to buy a cottage in Croatia

First, fill out a contract seven times. This is not a lucky number. It’s just fact. The first two you will fill out in the house of your uncle, but they will be wrong.


First Christmas alone

I spent my first ever Christmas alone. Or did I? They may not celebrate Christmas in Taiwan, but I still had a blast.