When do we lose our favourite book?

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  1. June Potempa says:

    I really enjoyed this, thank you. It made me think about ‘my favourite’ book. Many years ago, most of which you haven’t lived, I would have said ‘Seven Little Australians’ – I can still remember the story well, and the part that made me cry, although I do not honestly recall all the names, – that may have more to do with my poor memory than anything else, but if I try maybe I can – Anyway …
    I am also a fan of the Harry Potter series, and can still remember hoping that I would live long enough to be able to read the entire tale, That was in my darker ‘cancer’ moments.
    I have read many books since then, with a leaning towards crime & mystery, and while a few have been enjoyable whilst I read them, they have left a blah taste in my mouth and no real imprint on me.
    So perhaps I need to think about writing again …

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