The Lost Dog – Michelle de Kretser

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  1. Fiona says:

    I read this recently as well, having heard many, many good reviews of it. I quite enjoyed it, although it was less of a linear story than I’d imagined it to be in the years I spent hunting for a copy on second-hand store bookshelves. I know what you mean about wanky literary novels – but it’s an issue I normally fear in middle-aged, male English authors (here I go linking to my blog again: So my hackles weren’t up for it in this book and it didn’t bother me. You’re right, she does have a beautiful turn of phrase, though sometimes in these kind of books I long for a direct description of something, rather than another metaphor or simile.

    • lividlili says:

      The fact that you enjoyed it makes me feel like I should re-read it and give it another shot. I really can’t say right now if I liked it or not! Which is an interesting way to come away from a novel.

      I think in my later years (because I’m SO OLD) I have a really low tolerance for wankery – it seems so juvenile or something. I should probably just get over it!

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