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Faeces: public enemy #1 1

Faeces: public enemy #1

When Val Curtis wanted to effect some real good, she turned to the powers of evil.   Dr Curtis, an anthropologist, decided positive action needed to be taken to stop the millions of unnecessary deaths from diseases caused by dirty hands. Handwashing with soap can reduce the risk of diarrhoea...

Friday Flush 1.08.2008 0

Friday Flush 1.08.2008

Bringing you all the loo news you can handle, and some that you can’t – just in time for the weekend!   Sheffield artist Jacqui Bellamy has been snapping photos of women in the toilets of nightclub Razor Stiletto “queuing, chatting, putting on make-up etc,” and will be showing her...

Pam’s boyfriend says ‘not guilty’ 0

Pam’s boyfriend says ‘not guilty’

The boyfriend of Pam Babcock, the woman who sat on a toilet for so long that she became physically stuck to it, has entered a plea of ‘not guilty’ for the misdemeanour charge of mistreatment of a dependent adult.   The boyfriend, Kory McFarren, is also appearing on an unrelated...

At your convenience 3

At your convenience

I spoke recently about having job interviews in toilets, a ridiculous opinion that I stand by (I’m just that perverse). I particularly stand by it when I remember all my resumé cover letters which say, “I am available to meet at your convenience…”


Why I love Malaysian newspapers

If I ever get cynical about the news, I just treat myself to a bit of Malaysian reporting. Where else can you get juicy leaders like this one:   “SOME homosexuals are alleged to be using public toilets in shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur to engage in unnatural sexual acts.”...

Pam update 0

Pam update

Pam Babcock, who you may remember sat on a toilet for 2 years, remains in intensive care in Kansas, USA. Her aunt has said that she is still ”a very sick girl” referring to her physical wounds, but also suggests that Pam’s mental well-being is anything but well.   Her...


Bog Psychology

A friend of mine, a psychology graduate, entertained thoughts of becoming a Poo Psychologist. ‘So many people’s psychological problems,’ she claimed. ‘Come down to their bowel movements. A healthy bowel leads to a healthy mind.’ It comes as no surprise that I completely agree with her and encouraged her in...

The Thinker 0

The Thinker

Often, when the world seems a bit much, I’ll go to the toilet, sit down and have a long hard think. The toilet is a great place to have a 2 minute power nap at work, or a cry, or just a quiet sit down. Kansas woman Pam Babcock sat...