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Ian Thorpe forced to stay in closet

Ian Thorpe revealed yesterday that he was forced to stay in the closet as a teenager because he was asked too early about his sexuality. Thorpe, an Olympic gold medallist and champion swimmer, who came out publicly as gay last year, was attending a panel on homophobia in sport as...


Surviving the Cold

We had quite the beautiful long hot gorgeous sun-filled summer and I really can’t complain about it. But I can complain about the winter. And I will. We’re two Australian women living in Croatia. Up until recently, we didn’t know how to operate a central-heating system. Actually, I don’t even...


Something about the election

Well, I suppose I should probably say something about the Australian federal election. I’m a Facebook addict and I’ve recently gotten on to Twitter and I’ve noticed that across all of my social media everyone hates the Liberal party. It makes me wonder who votes for them? People not on...


CityTalks – Food security

I went along to the Food Security CityTalks on Tuesday night cos, you know, I’m all about food security. The keynote speaker was David McWilliams, purveyor of Punk Economics. His keynote address included an animation which pretty well summed up my entire Masters degree in 5 minutes. Thanks Dave! You...


Saturday morning

The myna landed on the rail and blinked at me, startled. The streak of yellow in its wing made it fish-like and as it darted off again I felt like I was under water, with the day all cool and foggy, misty water, slow and sluggish. When I’m at the...

Tree sock 1

Tree sock

Once when I was in London, I dropped my beanie somewhere near the Houses of Parliament. I was halfway across Westminster Bridge before I noticed. I was crushed. I loved that beanie. I got it in Bulgaria. It had ugly little flaps that tie under your chin. It was the...

Town Hall globes 0

The lights are out

Their work is done. They pause for a wee break. Ah, says Number Nine. That was a good day. We lit up as much as we could. And now we’re done. That’s a good day. But Number Six looks doubtful. Maybe all this work isn’t worth it. Maybe it’s not...


Corporate graffiti?

On a trip to Newtown, wondering what to eat, aimlessly shuffling between Noodle House and Chinese Noodle House, but not really feeling like noodles, I came across this. I HATE OPTUS but vodafone is nice! Corporate graffiti? Or exercising the right to voice your opinion in a public place?