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The danger at the door 0

The danger at the door

Being a classy bird, I walked home in the morning of the first day of the last year of the first decade of the 21st century  with my sandals in my hand. Walking barefoot from Surry Hills to Redfern with my mask in my other hand, I pondered the proliferation...

A modern scandal 0

A modern scandal

A horrible blight is afflicting our young people. From the streets of Parramatta to the alleys of Darlinghurst, teenagers and young twenties are suffering; it is a modern scandal. We should be ashamed that they cannot afford the bare necessities. Ashamed! Please give generously to the Buy A Belt Foundation....

Tree sock 1

Tree sock

Once when I was in London, I dropped my beanie somewhere near the Houses of Parliament. I was halfway across Westminster Bridge before I noticed. I was crushed. I loved that beanie. I got it in Bulgaria. It had ugly little flaps that tie under your chin. It was the...

Backstreet Malaysian Patriots 0

Backstreet Malaysian Patriots

Clearly the backstreets of Redfern/Darlington support a powerful posse of Malaysian patriots and Edward Lane is their headquarters. Can’t see the evidence of their zealotry? Look again.

Buckland lounge 0

Buckland lounge

If you’re ever wandering around Newtown and need a nap, or just want to put your feet up for a bit, or just want to plonk your butt on a nice soft chair you’re in luck! They City of Sydney Council has installed these lounges on Buckland Lane just for...

Everywhere Dude 2

Everywhere Dude

You know that dude who’s always trying to sell/give you a copy of The Green Left, like EVERYwhere you go, Redfern Market, Glebe market, Central station, Broadway, like everywhere. You know him, right? Kinda weedy looking, pretty youngish, I suppose, but has one of those faces that means he could...

The compromise 0

The compromise

Running down Wilson Street yesterday afternoon, I passed a man walking his dog while reading a book. They were going along at a nice easy pace, and they both seemed incredibly content. It’s heartening to see two creatures reach a happy compromise for their needs.

Two dollars for ten cents 0

Two dollars for ten cents

Two very small boys stopped me as I was walking past the corner store. ‘Hey, have you got 10 cents,’ one asked me. ‘What?’ ‘I need 10 cents to give to the shopkeeper.’ He held out his very small hands, in which were icecreams and chocolates. ‘Nah,’ said the other...

Posh pavement plonk 1

Posh pavement plonk

Boozing on the pavement is not just for plebs. It’s not some bogan or homeless thing. I mean, sure, maybe if you’re drinking Hollandia in Blacktown, or sucking on a goon bag in Summer Hill. But here in Newtown, we do it classy. And nothing says classy like a nice...

A story to pay the rent 0

A story to pay the rent

He stopped me in the street and he said “Hey love, sorry to bother you, but I had a car accident… and I can’t work anymore… and my wife died… and my daughter’s got cancer… and I can’t afford to pay the bills…” I laughed and laughed. “Oh god, mate,”...