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Have courage

New paste-up appeared last week next to Redfern Fruit World on Regent Street. I hope one day I do.

The view from the treadmill 0

The view from the treadmill

I joined up at the gym at the NCIE (National Centre for Indigenous Excellence) yesterday. I’ve been meaning to do it for a few weeks, but there was sickness, and boozing, and beer, and pinball and then some other things probably but mostly I think I was waylaid by beer....

Gemma 0


Walking home from work, my hands buried deep in the pockets of my red jacket, my iPod buried deep in my brain with the 2x speeded up Alan Saunders talking Hegel, me with spiky hair, long jeans scuffing, heading to the gym… I saw a young man who had obviously...

The other side reclaimed 0

The other side reclaimed

Not so long ago, I bemoaned to a friend that my entire life was condensed to the triangle between Redfern and Newtown stations and Parramatta Road. Home, work, gym, King Street beers, home, work, gym… It got to the point where I didn’t want to eat out or go drinking...

Ban on Baffi? 0

Ban on Baffi?

I’ve only just read that iconic Redfern cafe “Baffi and Mo” is no longer owned by Anne Cooper and Louise Hunt (who have moved on to Orto Trading Co). This in itself is kinda crap – Baffi and Mo was really at the forefront of the regeneration of that corner of...

Shoot when you can 2

Shoot when you can

I felt the hair of the woman near me brush against my arm. I looked down to see why and I thought, oh she’s fallen asleep. How odd, because only a minute before she’d been doing her make up. Well I suppose you get your sleep whenever you can when...