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30 Years of Sundays

When Bogdan reads the classifieds, he sucks air in loudly through his teeth. Occasionally, when he finds something interesting, he’ll make farty noises with his lips. Ana, who has sat by his side for 30 years of Sundays, carries on with her knitting as her fury rises and rises until...

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Tick Tock

The clocks are out of sync. He can hear the double ticking in the other room, like a baby’s heartbeat. He stares up at the ceiling, his hands tucked behind his head. The hotel room spreads out around him for aeons in all directions, the dark purple of the night...

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Pahuljica / People

Sometimes, people are like snowflakes. You walk through a city, through crowded streets, rubbing up against people, constant skin on skin, sleeve on sleeve, and you never feel so distant, so alone. All those people merge together and turn into one blinding homogeneous pile of slush. But individually they can...

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“Oh Tata,” Gorana said. “Do we have to go in there? Can’t we just call?”
“Don’t be a silly girl,” he said. “I know these people. We’ll just pop in for a drink and then we can ask Visnja about the cakes.”
“It’s just so full of old men,” she muttered under her breath, but followed her father into the bar.


Drinking and Eating Sand

It will surprise no one when I say that I don’t like kids. Really, I don’t. Oh I know, kids are blah blah blah blah. NO. So it may surprise many people to discover that our favourite bar here in Zagreb is in a kids playground. Let’s parse that sentence....


Dubrovnik People

It’s nearing the end of the season here on the Croatian coast, but there’s none of the surly antagonism you might expect from the exhausted locals. On the contrary, they’re still all smiles and relaxed friendliness. There are some towns you go to and you can tell that the locals...


Well, do you?

If you take my place… … do you also want my disability? Spotted in Cres. The original reads: “Ako ste uzeli moje mjesto hocete li i moj invaliditet?”

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Shoot when you can

I felt the hair of the woman near me brush against my arm. I looked down to see why and I thought, oh she’s fallen asleep. How odd, because only a minute before she’d been doing her make up. Well I suppose you get your sleep whenever you can when...

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White and wrong

A woman in my building is wearing sensible but sexy white undies and a matching white bra. I know this because I can see them through her see-through white dress. Sometimes I wonder if ‘smart casual‘ means ‘if you saw it in a magazine, it’s okay – even if it...

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A modern scandal

A horrible blight is afflicting our young people. From the streets of Parramatta to the alleys of Darlinghurst, teenagers and young twenties are suffering; it is a modern scandal. We should be ashamed that they cannot afford the bare necessities. Ashamed! Please give generously to the Buy A Belt Foundation....