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Tuesday Turd

Your weekly round up of all the loo news you never knew you needed. Governments commit to WASH In a week that bodes well for WASH projects, Australian PM Julia Gillard has announced additional funding for the Civil Society Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Fund, providing $97million of funding to WASH...

Friday Flush 28.Nov.08 1

Friday Flush 28.Nov.08

Welcome back to The Bog Logger! I’ve been on a wee hiatus, but I’m back now with news, reviews, and the view from the loo. Openings There have been a few exciting toilet openings this week. First of all, the famed Charmin Restrooms have opened for the third year in...

Women and children 0

Women and children

Bog Standard is not just a brilliant name for a campaign – it is a brilliant campaign. Launched in October 2004, Bog Standard aims to improve toilet facilities for school children in the UK, and it has brought the issue of toilets for pupils to the fore. It is headed...

Friday Flush 22.08.08 3

Friday Flush 22.08.08

Just a quick flush today cos I’m practically running out the door. A man in Canada is in a critical condition after being hit with a toilet cistern lid. What an ignoble way to go. Wasn’t there some famous general who was killed when he was struck by a roof...


The positive side to losing 5 million bucks

It’s old news now, but in case you didn’t know Seattle has finally offloaded its troublesome spaceship toilets (see previous posts here and here and here). The 5 toilets which sold for $US12,549 cost Seattle $5 million – and most articles are painting it as some spectacular failure. But the...

Failure to launch 0

Failure to launch

The eBay auction for Seattle’s failed auto-loos has er, failed. City officials are hopeful though that an extended auction date may prove more successful. So, the big question is, why did the spaceship toilets fail in the first place?   Toilet provision is a thorny issue with most civic councils....

Ebay for spaceship toilets 0

Ebay for spaceship toilets

I hate, loathe and despise spaceship toilets, and Seattle residents apparently feel the same way. They’re getting rid of 5 of the expensive behemoths which have been in central city locations since 2004, but keeping the $2.59 tax which was introduced to pay for them.   The toilets, purchased from...

Sulabh liberates 60,000 scavengers, tots up $32 mn revenue: UNDP 2

Sulabh liberates 60,000 scavengers, tots up $32 mn revenue: UNDP

Sulabh International is the reason I became interested in all thingstoilety. Its good work has been highlighted in a UN report this week.the story below is from www.mangalorean.com ———- Forwarded message ———-New Delhi, July 1 (IANS) Sulabh International, a 38-year-old movementpromoting low-cost safe sanitation in the country, has liberated over60,000...

Oh, the humanity! 0

Oh, the humanity!

I might be a lefty leaning pinko greenie, etc, but surely I’m not alone in thinking that toilet paper is a basic human right? Well, not in Montgomery County, Maryland USA it’s not. United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) which represents about 8000 government employees has released a memo with...

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Misquote of the week

“I’m campaigning on the fact we have managed to get policies adopted such as the community toilet scheme… I hope I will hold on to my seat.”   Hertsmere Labour group leader, Ann Harrison   http://www.borehamwoodtimes.co.uk/display.var.2198628.0.0.php