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Pink painting no 1 - Virginia Verran 2

A Doorway

Your votes are in, and the result is: He speaks to the girl. New to the game? Read Part 1 here. Part 2 – A Doorway He stepped up out of the gutter onto the footpath, and ran his hand through his wet curly hair. “Nice sandwich?” he asked the...


The Leaderboard

I met up with Jed down at the Swinging Abbey. He was already a beer ahead and immediately started waxing lyrical before I’d even sat down. “I’ve been thinking about religion,” he said. “Me and the missus went cycling on the weekend and we went past the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom...


A Warm Bottle

His shift being almost over, he walks into the kafić, sits at the counter and orders a beer. “But not out of the fridge!” he barks at the konobar. “It’s too fucking cold. Like a nun’s cunt. Ha!” “No, no,” says the konobar, taking a beer out of the fridge....