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30 Years of Sundays

When Bogdan reads the classifieds, he sucks air in loudly through his teeth. Occasionally, when he finds something interesting, he’ll make farty noises with his lips. Ana, who has sat by his side for 30 years of Sundays, carries on with her knitting as her fury rises and rises until...


From the First to the Last

Wilson takes his first breath on a Tuesday and suffers existential jet lag for the next 12 years. When his soul catches up with his body, he begins to wonder if it was worth the wait. He takes up smoking. After 3 semi-serious girlfriends and several one night stands (not...


The Stone Cat

The stone cat sits outside the veterinary sciences building, a serious sandstone sentinel guarding the entry. Every student rubs its nose as they walk past. They have been doing it absently for 30 years. Massey was less absent than most. She walked up to the stone cat and said “you’d...


The Leaderboard

I met up with Jed down at the Swinging Abbey. He was already a beer ahead and immediately started waxing lyrical before I’d even sat down. “I’ve been thinking about religion,” he said. “Me and the missus went cycling on the weekend and we went past the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom...


Reading Women

Quite by accident this year I’ve almost entirely read books only by women. * Many internets-people have declared 2014 to be the year they read more women writers. Some are even going so far as to say they’ll only read women writers. Having usually been someone who says “I only...


Keep the Lights On

There was nothing Elly liked better than fairy lights, and everyone knew it. As a result she had quite the collection: white lights, multicoloured lights, umbrellas, pink elephants, hearts, horses, all sorts of flowers, even Swarovski crystal. Those had been a gift from a boyfriend, now ex, who had been...

Red and black rooster 0

The Cock of Marrakech

His puny brain was only capable of meagre thought, but he knew this – the dawn was his. “I!” he had yelled out, time and again. “I rule this place! Am I not the king? Look at my crown!” But his pleas were futile. No one could hear him over...

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“Oh Tata,” Gorana said. “Do we have to go in there? Can’t we just call?”
“Don’t be a silly girl,” he said. “I know these people. We’ll just pop in for a drink and then we can ask Visnja about the cakes.”
“It’s just so full of old men,” she muttered under her breath, but followed her father into the bar.

bubnjarci train 3

Little By Little

The conductor walks up and down the small train – just one car – clipping tickets, nodding to old acquaintances, selling tickets to those who get on at the small stations. Every day he travels from Karlovac to Bubnjarci and back again, following the river, passing under the castle on...


The Swing

Her message said to meet at sunset at the playground behind his mother’s old apartment. They hadn’t been there for years – what could she want? All the worst possibilities ran through his head on high repeat. She was pregnant, she had met someone else, she had found out that...