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Pahuljica / People

Sometimes, people are like snowflakes. You walk through a city, through crowded streets, rubbing up against people, constant skin on skin, sleeve on sleeve, and you never feel so distant, so alone. All those people merge together and turn into one blinding homogeneous pile of slush. But individually they can...

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Aldo’s Name Day

Martin read the menu at the restaurant under the market. Looked like it was meat, onions and beer territory. Well, it could be worse. He took a seat. He ordered a local beer and a plate of ćevapi – some sort of sausage. As he sipped his beer he thought,...

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“Oh Tata,” Gorana said. “Do we have to go in there? Can’t we just call?”
“Don’t be a silly girl,” he said. “I know these people. We’ll just pop in for a drink and then we can ask Visnja about the cakes.”
“It’s just so full of old men,” she muttered under her breath, but followed her father into the bar.

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Little By Little

The conductor walks up and down the small train – just one car – clipping tickets, nodding to old acquaintances, selling tickets to those who get on at the small stations. Every day he travels from Karlovac to Bubnjarci and back again, following the river, passing under the castle on...


The Swing

Her message said to meet at sunset at the playground behind his mother’s old apartment. They hadn’t been there for years – what could she want? All the worst possibilities ran through his head on high repeat. She was pregnant, she had met someone else, she had found out that...


Sushi, Sake & Snow in Zagreb

We went out to the advent markets for sushi tonight. We drank Asahi and it snowed! There was a girl at the sushi bar who was very unimpressed that it was snowing. We told her that in Australia it snows for five minutes on one day every year and then...


A Warm Bottle

His shift being almost over, he walks into the kafić, sits at the counter and orders a beer. “But not out of the fridge!” he barks at the konobar. “It’s too fucking cold. Like a nun’s cunt. Ha!” “No, no,” says the konobar, taking a beer out of the fridge....


Alas – they chose ‘ZA’

Well, it was really no surprise. The Croatian referendum passed. Heterosexual marriage is now enshrined in the constitution. A quick survey of the international press, and you may think that Croatians were asked to vote on gay marriage. They weren’t. The question posed by the referendum was: Do you believe...



On 1 December, Croatia will vote whether or not to change its constitution to ensure that marriage is only ever defined as a union between a man and a woman, putting it in the illustrious company of Belarus, Bulgaria and Ukraine. The referendum is costing 43 million Kuna (about 5.6...


It Must Be Wine!

So… Croatians are superstitious. You may already know this. I already knew this. But did you know that wine is not really wine until it has been baptised? Yes, that’s just how superstitious they are. On Martinje or St Martin’s Day, which falls today (11 November), you can find Croatians...