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Park benches

I saw that there was a hole in my bag, from shoving too many things in it. I must get that fixed.


Changing routes

My office moved locations this week and of course, as I must go where it goes, so did I. My 45 minute walk is now closer to an hour, through largely the same space and along the same roads, but where it differs it really does… differ. I still walk...


Secret agents

I stayed with some friends in a mountain hut over the weekend – about which more tomorrow – and naturally we fell into discussion with our host, a hiker from Rijeka who looks after the hut on weekends. “And where are you all from?” she said. “He’s from Croatia,” I...



I popped into the pharmacy yesterday to get some cold and flu pills. “Hello,” I said, in Croatian. “I need something for a cold.” “What symptoms do you have?” asked the pharmacist, also in Croatian. I pointed to my nose, my eyes, my throat. The usual suspects, I thought. “Vitamins?”...


Around the block

I love Australia, I do. I just spent four weeks there and some things are just so easy. Friendships and socialising, shopping on a Sunday, no cigarettes or smokers, an actual variety of excellent dinner options. But it’s also expensive. Bloody expensive. I’m working from home today, back in Zagreb,...


Keeping Croatia in the top 5

I learned this week that Croatia is in the top five alcohol consumers of Europe. The list looks like this: Truly, I’m surprised. C and I often talk about how rarely we see drunk people roaming the streets of Zagreb. It just doesn’t happen. As far as we can tell,...


Zagreb After Hours

If you get to the Dolac, or any of Zagreb’s markets, just as it’s closing, you’ll see a small army of old women in three-quarter length worsted skirts, digging through the leftover boxes, looking for food. This is Zagreb after hours. You can get quite a meal, if you know...

varazdin podravka 0

An excursion to Varazdin – Part 1 – Podravka

A few months ago, as part of our Croatian course, we went on an excursion to Varaždin, a pretty city in northern Croatia. The tour also included a visit to the Podravka factory which is nearby in Koprivnica. Anyone with even the remotest connection to Croatia will have at least...

zmajsko pivo - A very tasty drop 0

Zmajsko Pivo – a very tasty drop

Zmajsko Pivo is a delicious frosty beverage which pegs itself as Croatia’s ‘first craft beer’. I don’t really know how to define a craft beer, but I can tell you that Zmajsko pivo is definitely Croatia’s tastiest beer. Zmajsko Pivovara (Dragon Brewery) produces a delicious pale ale which we found...

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Some friends of ours concocted an elaborate scheme to get us to their place to get drunk. “Leftovers,” they said. “We have so many leftovers from our party. Come and take some home.” With trepidation, we went back to their house to pick up the food. “You may as well...