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COOH loos

During a conversation with a client today, I revealed many things about myself – not always to my best advantage. But one of those was the fact that I used to review loos. So here we go again. An unbiased review of the toilets at COOH Alexandria.

that anti gay marriage ad 0

Why I’m not livid about that anti gay marriage ad

There was a little party in Sydney on the weekend, just a tiny thing called the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. With a lack of class that’s breathtaking in its audacity, a mob which calls itself the Australian Marriage Forum paid for an anti gay marriage ad to be...


Chicken poo power

A chicken/egg farm in Queensland is attempting to reduce its power bill by harnessing the power of chicken poo. CEO Geoff Sondergeld hopes that the installation of power-producing digesters will drastically cut their cost of electricity. Although the power company will not permit them to go completely off-grid, the infrastructure...


The un-Holiday

So here I am back home in Australia. I’ve been here for exactly 3 weeks (can that be right?? I need to buy a calendar) and there’s just one more week to go. In that time I’ve celebrated Christmas, hung out with family and friends, met Ian Thorpe (weird story),...


Planning for Oz

In very exciting news, we’re heading back to Australia for Christmas (hi mum and dad!). I’m looking forward to Asian food, and oysters, crumpets, strong tea, and the sun and the beach, and of course seeing all my friends and family. But there’s one thing I’m rather nervous about. Beer....


The Lost Dog – Michelle de Kretser

“The Lost Dog”, Michelle de Kretser. (Chatto & Windus, London: 2008) Review – Beautiful & tedious & gorgeous & dull. Yes, all of those things. I had to re-borrow this book from the library to try to remember what it was about and if I’d liked it. In general, I’d...


Something about the election

Well, I suppose I should probably say something about the Australian federal election. I’m a Facebook addict and I’ve recently gotten on to Twitter and I’ve noticed that across all of my social media everyone hates the Liberal party. It makes me wonder who votes for them? People not on...

The toilet tour 0

Friday Flush 6 July 2012

Welcome to your semi-regular dump of all the loo news you didn’t know you needed! First up, Liberian journos are being called on to report more extensively on water and sanitation issues. The president of the Press Union of Liberia made the remarks at a 3 day workshop for WASH...

Generation Awake 0

Tuesday Turd

Your weekly round up of all the loo news you never knew you needed. Governments commit to WASH In a week that bodes well for WASH projects, Australian PM Julia Gillard has announced additional funding for the Civil Society Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Fund, providing $97million of funding to WASH...