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Two Galleries

One of the things I frequently do in London is go to the 14:30 free tour at The National Gallery. Held every day, a guide takes you through 3 or 4 of the galleries, and talks about a dozen or so paintings. The tour is always different, depending on the...


Some thoughts on Zaha Hadid

Architecture titan Zaha Hadid died suddenly last week, and the news kinda shook me up more than expected. I’ve only come to learn about Hadid’s work recently, mostly be reading excoriating articles by people who clearly hate her. I don’t hate her, nor her work. I think her stuff is...


Red, Lonely

Another beautiful piece from one of my very favourite artists, Slinkachu. According to his bio, Slinkachu has been “abandoning little people on the streets since 2006”. I love each and every one of these little guys. I hope you do, too! Check out the post here.


Zagreb Vis a Vis

Quite by accident we ended up at an exhibition launch last night. (it seems to me that I start a lot of blog posts with ‘quite by accident’) Held at the Institut Francais, the exhibition showcases jewellery made by the Jewellery Friends Club. The Club took France as their inspiration,...


Playground Fun

If, like many a lazy tourist, you baulk at paying €8 for a museum or art gallery which you’ll probably be bored out of your mind in – well, have I got news for you! Many of Madrid’s major galleries and museums have free hours or even free days! Taking...


I blame the Prado

I’m suffering a little from a hangover today and I lay the blame entirely at the feet of the Prado Museum. “Museo del Prado (Madrid) 04” by Brian Snelson from United Kingdom – Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons. The Prado is a world class art gallery...


The Stripper

It’s gotten to that point of the night already. He’s asking me what I do. “I’m a stripper,” I say. “I strip for a living.” His wife, taller than him, holds onto his arm and my words. “No!” she says. “Not really?” “Yes,” I say. “Really.” She gives me a...

chrome plated key to the city 0

Saturday Skiddie 30.08.08

Hi all and welcome to this week’s Friday Flush Saturday Skiddie. An artist in New York is bringing his style to the streets – toilet stall style. Ricky Syers has been walking around dressed as a janitor carrying a toilet with a man inside. Pretty cool stuff, really. And being...