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Tomb toilet users say no to roofless loo 0

Tomb toilet users say no to roofless loo

A lot of news out of India this week about the use, misuse, abuse and disuse of toilets. First up in Ainapur, an historic tomb is being used as a toilet by local residents, much to the fury of Raju S Vijapur. That reminds me of my trip to Pompeii...


6. Dear St Patrick

Dear St Patrick, I passed a man on the street yesterday who was telling a girl that you killed a dragon and saved all Ireland. If he hadn’t been trying to get into the girl’s pants I would’ve stopped and corrected him. Yesterday was your name day but today I...

The Thinker 0

The Thinker

Often, when the world seems a bit much, I’ll go to the toilet, sit down and have a long hard think. The toilet is a great place to have a 2 minute power nap at work, or a cry, or just a quiet sit down. Kansas woman Pam Babcock sat...

Unemployment 2


Tomorrow is my last day at my current job. There are many reasons why I’m leaving, but this is the main one: You can see why I have to leave. Let me show you again, just to make sure you got it. Sigh.


5. Dear Aliens

Dear Aliens, When you come visit from space and step upon our beautiful bountiful Earth you may look about yourselves and be agog at our fantastic buildings and magnificent vistas and compare them to the barchan dunes of Mars. You may look at our hairy skin and the fur and...


4. Dear Green Bus

Dear Green Bus, I admire your waist to ceiling windows and I know enough about engineering to admire your structural ingenuity. I like your red arrows which show which way is forward, and I like your green pants and wheels and hat. But, Green Bus, I can’t help thinking that...

Low income loo bonus 1

Low income loo bonus

Low income residents in Seattle can look forward to making some real savings with the launch of a scheme by Seattle Public Utilities to provide free efficient toilets. Read the story here The toilets can save more than $100 a year in bills. Back when I was a really poor...

On the bathroom wall 0

On the bathroom wall

An exhibition at New York’s Nicholas Robinson Gallery has piqued my interest in public toilet art. The exhibition by Munich-based artist Florian Süssmayr includes a painting of graffiti on a bathroom wall.                                                                                                                                                        I’ve seen some really beautiful graffiti on toilet walls, and it always provokes the question ‘is it art?’...

Stirring the Pot 0

Stirring the Pot

You’d have to have been hiding under your toilet to have missed the news out of the UK this week of a national government guideline on public toilets. Communities Minister Baroness Andrews unveiled the guidelines today, admitting that “some people may find the whole idea of a strategic guide on...

Beijing becomes city with world’s largest number of public toilets 0

Beijing becomes city with world’s largest number of public toilets

Beijing becomes city with world’s largest number of public toilets Of course, it’s not hard to beat New York in this pissing contest, as New York doesn’t have ANY public toilets!