Friday Flush 22.08.08

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  1. FoodieFi says:

    Re Americans multitasking, but not saving water: the shower wee – a great example of the former and a solution to the latter. Maybe they’re still put off by that Seinfeld episode and cries of ‘you’re the urinator!’

  2. Can I take it then that you’re a proud urinator? 🙂

    My mum used to say that weeing in the shower is bad, because shower drainage isn’t designed to handle urine. Which is of course bollocks as urine is sterile and certainly can’t be worse than pouring, I dunno, fragranced bleach based cleaning products down the shower.

    I can see why people don’t pee in public showers though – there’s a sense of ‘oversharing’. However, doesn’t it make sense to pee in a public shower before you get in, to sterilise the floor? Somehow, I don’t think that’ll catch on.

  3. FoodieFi says:

    I often think people have odd ideas about where water from different taps and in different sinks comes from and goes to. Like people who won’t fill up a water bottle in a bathroom – it’s the same stuff as in the kitchen, surely.

    There’s great logic to the sterilising suggestion, but I can see it struggling to catch on. Similarly, a ‘Urinator and Proud’ T-Shirt may not be a topseller…Hehe, how about a ‘I urinate and I vote’ bumper sticker??

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