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Camp Nanowrimo Winner

You may be familiar with Nanowrimo – National Novel Writing Month – which takes place in November each year. It’s a challenge that sees hundreds of thousands of people all over the world try to write 50,000 words in a month! Yes, it’s a crazy lunatic idea, and I’ve never...


How to make a DIY writing retreat

A couple of years ago, I decided to make a DIY writing retreat for myself. I needed to work on my novel, but I just could not get it done in Croatia. I don’t know why. Too many distractions: life, learning, love, they all take their toll. As a freelance...


All the hallmarks of an actual writer

I was sitting in the market on the weekend working on a story that wasn’t coming easily. I know it has potential so I was keeping at it. Normally, if a short story feels difficult, I know it’s not ready yet and I put it aside for a bit. But...


Short story podcasts

Here are some great short story podcasts for writers, readers, listeners and lovers 🙂 Whether you want advice or entertainment, there’s something for you.


Nanowrimo templates for Scrivener, paper and Excel

In the course of Getting My Shit Together (GMST) for the Nanowrimo 2017 challenge ahead, I’ve created a few templates. Everyone knows that no real project can begin until you’ve visited the stationery shop. And so it is with Nanowrimo. I went out last week and stocked up on post-its...


Writer chit chat – Myfanwy McDonald

There’s a lot to like about Myfanwy McDonald. First off, she’s in my club – her first and last initials are the same! Let’s face it, always a win. Myfanwy is also an Australian writer, crafter and general all-round cool bird. I spoke with her earlier this year when we...


Printing pleasures

There’s lots of things to love about living in a country like Croatia. And one of my favourite things is printing. Yes, printing. No one likes to own a printer. They’re expensive and they die after about 45 minutes, and the cartridges never really work, and they are just in...