Category: Flash Fiction


The Trail

The pigeons descended almost immediately on the bit of sausage on the ground. Marko looked down at them; he looked at the trail of tomato sauce running down his trouser leg. The clouds had cleared overnight and, with a spring in his step, he had gone out that fine morning...


The Time Traveller

The Time Traveller glanced at the watch on his left wrist as he hurried to the indicator boards. He looked up at the panel and cursed; he needn’t have rushed. The 4:14 to Poughkeepsie was running 8 minutes late. He checked the watch on his right wrist and did the...


30 Years of Sundays

When Bogdan reads the classifieds, he sucks air in loudly through his teeth. Occasionally, when he finds something interesting, he’ll make farty noises with his lips. Ana, who has sat by his side for 30 years of Sundays, carries on with her knitting as her fury rises and rises until...


From the First to the Last

Wilson takes his first breath on a Tuesday and suffers existential jet lag for the next 12 years. When his soul catches up with his body, he begins to wonder if it was worth the wait. He takes up smoking. After 3 semi-serious girlfriends and several one night stands (not...


The Stone Cat

The stone cat sits outside the veterinary sciences building, a serious sandstone sentinel guarding the entry. Every student rubs its nose as they walk past. They have been doing it absently for 30 years. Massey was less absent than most. She walked up to the stone cat and said “you’d...


The Leaderboard

I met up with Jed down at the Swinging Abbey. He was already a beer ahead and immediately started waxing lyrical before I’d even sat down. “I’ve been thinking about religion,” he said. “Me and the missus went cycling on the weekend and we went past the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom...


Keep the Lights On

There was nothing Elly liked better than fairy lights, and everyone knew it. As a result she had quite the collection: white lights, multicoloured lights, umbrellas, pink elephants, hearts, horses, all sorts of flowers, even Swarovski crystal. Those had been a gift from a boyfriend, now ex, who had been...


The Birthday Party

Having never done this before, he wondered what to do. Obviously, he received his guests with respect. “Thank you for coming. Lovely to see you,” he said, to people he didn’t know. Eventually he grew tired and started to cry. It was his first birthday, after all.


Snow is Snow, You Know

It had been snowing all morning and, with trepidation and excitement, she put on her new boots, duck-down jacket, wool gloves, old brown scarf and beanie and ventured out into the white world. This is what she learned about snow that morning on her way to the faculty: it lands...

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Tick Tock

The clocks are out of sync. He can hear the double ticking in the other room, like a baby’s heartbeat. He stares up at the ceiling, his hands tucked behind his head. The hotel room spreads out around him for aeons in all directions, the dark purple of the night...