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Cebu is not by the sea

Once upon a time, I used to research a place before I visited it. Now I just make a bunch of bookings and hope for the best. Sometimes this laissez-faire strategy works out – like Taipei, an amazing place and one of the most enjoyable city breaks I’ve had. And...


Very beautiful

Whenever I leave my house and walk down the dirt path to the road, there’s a bevy of small girl children who chase after me. “NataLEE! NataLEE!” they love to call out, as though the name itself has some magical power. One small girl in particular will throw her arms...


Loo shopping

I met up with a pal today. He was shopping for a loo. “I’ve never shopped for a toilet before,” he said, as we looked at the options. “Me neither,” I said.



There’s this kid that comes around to my house every day asking for money. Malinis, he says. I’ll clean your dog poo. Forty. Forty. Malinis. I hate this kid.