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Welcome to Balibago

After having a chat with the universe, I’ve decided to call Angeles City in the Philippines home. Here’s why (tl;dr idk)


Being a Trollope

I spent last weekend doing the most lividlili thing possible – I went on a tour of Prague with the Trollope Society. Yes, I caught a bus across three countries to hang out with other nerds, looking at sites from a relatively obscure Anthony Trollope novel. Of all the nerdy...


Belgrade’s hearts

Belgrade has a lot of heart, but it doesn’t have a heart, per se. There’s nothing that counts as the ‘centre’ of town, as far as I could tell. It’s one of those cities, a bit like Sydney, that has many centres, many points of reference, many hearts. I found...


COOH loos

During a conversation with a client today, I revealed many things about myself – not always to my best advantage. But one of those was the fact that I used to review loos. So here we go again. An unbiased review of the toilets at COOH Alexandria.


English cuisine

We’ve just returned from a week in the UK, specifically England, and mostly we ate our faces off. I know that most people don’t immediately think – ah, yes, excellent food! – when heading to England, but there you go. That’s why we go. For the food. Not English food,...


Toilet review: Raffles, Singapore

Well, it’s been a damn long time since I’ve done a toilet review, but here’s a good one for you. The oh so fancy Raffles Hotel, Singapore, famous for the Singapore Sling and peanut-filled floors. But of course, we don’t care about that sort of thing around here. We only...


Not same, same

I’ve travelled enough to know that they do things differently everywhere. For example, occupational health and safety is not taken nearly so seriously in Croatia as it is in Australia. I’ve had to walk through road works the past week that have seen me literally walk across wobbly narrow boards...


A long time on the road

Sixteen years ago today, two completely clueless girls strapped on their backpacks and got on a plane for London, on their first big overseas adventure, to spend six unforgettable months (except for the forgotten parts) bumming around Europe. Yep folks, on 4 July 2001, lividlili first hit the road with...