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Saturday morning

The myna landed on the rail and blinked at me, startled. The streak of yellow in its wing made it fish-like and as it darted off again I felt like I was under water, with the day all cool and foggy, misty water, slow and sluggish. When I’m at the...


Toku Toku truffle trouble

How long does it take the smell of truffle to disperse? It’s been days since I drunkenly and irresponsibly ate out at Toku Toku in Glebe, and I can still smell the truffle oil. That shit be potent, yeah? PS – bloody great food.


Have courage

New paste-up appeared last week next to Redfern Fruit World on Regent Street. I hope one day I do.

The view from the treadmill 0

The view from the treadmill

I joined up at the gym at the NCIE (National Centre for Indigenous Excellence) yesterday. I’ve been meaning to do it for a few weeks, but there was sickness, and boozing, and beer, and pinball and then some other things probably but mostly I think I was waylaid by beer....

Gemma 0


Walking home from work, my hands buried deep in the pockets of my red jacket, my iPod buried deep in my brain with the 2x speeded up Alan Saunders talking Hegel, me with spiky hair, long jeans scuffing, heading to the gym… I saw a young man who had obviously...

Spooning 0


I’m a giver. My friend C and I are often to be found at Old Street Cafe in Darlington, enjoying a coffee and scramblies on toast. Maybe it’s a bit naff, but anyways they serve all their coffees with old souvenir spoons. It’s always a treat to discover which random...

The other side reclaimed 0

The other side reclaimed

Not so long ago, I bemoaned to a friend that my entire life was condensed to the triangle between Redfern and Newtown stations and Parramatta Road. Home, work, gym, King Street beers, home, work, gym… It got to the point where I didn’t want to eat out or go drinking...


The sustainable urban cook

I was recently given “Urban Cook”  by Red Lantern chef Mark Jensen. It has loads of really nice home style hearty meals and each section is headed by a heap of information on the differences between mass market, sustainable and organic farming practices. I’ve been saying for a while now...