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COOH loos

During a conversation with a client today, I revealed many things about myself – not always to my best advantage. But one of those was the fact that I used to review loos. So here we go again. An unbiased review of the toilets at COOH Alexandria.


More with Less

I just watched an interesting TED talk by Navi Radjou. It’s a great talk and he covers a lot of interesting topics, mostly focusing on how the global south is innovating in ways that the north doesn’t yet understand. He calls this ‘frugal innovation’. For example, in many parts of...


Planning for Oz

In very exciting news, we’re heading back to Australia for Christmas (hi mum and dad!). I’m looking forward to Asian food, and oysters, crumpets, strong tea, and the sun and the beach, and of course seeing all my friends and family. But there’s one thing I’m rather nervous about. Beer....


Surviving the Cold

We had quite the beautiful long hot gorgeous sun-filled summer and I really can’t complain about it. But I can complain about the winter. And I will. We’re two Australian women living in Croatia. Up until recently, we didn’t know how to operate a central-heating system. Actually, I don’t even...


CityTalks – Food security

I went along to the Food Security CityTalks on Tuesday night cos, you know, I’m all about food security. The keynote speaker was David McWilliams, purveyor of Punk Economics. His keynote address included an animation which pretty well summed up my entire Masters degree in 5 minutes. Thanks Dave! You...

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The end of uni

Friday was the last official day of uni. That’s it. All over. I’m a motherfucking Master. It turns out that uni takes up a lot of time. You might think, ‘right, cos of readings and assignments and hanging out on the forum &c’. And, well, yes, that takes up a...