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Two dollars for ten cents 0

Two dollars for ten cents

Two very small boys stopped me as I was walking past the corner store. ‘Hey, have you got 10 cents,’ one asked me. ‘What?’ ‘I need 10 cents to give to the shopkeeper.’ He held out his very small hands, in which were icecreams and chocolates. ‘Nah,’ said the other...

Posh pavement plonk 1

Posh pavement plonk

Boozing on the pavement is not just for plebs. It’s not some bogan or homeless thing. I mean, sure, maybe if you’re drinking Hollandia in Blacktown, or sucking on a goon bag in Summer Hill. But here in Newtown, we do it classy. And nothing says classy like a nice...

Regular conversation at The Bank on a Sunday afternoon 0

Regular conversation at The Bank on a Sunday afternoon

* Hi love, how are you? % Good thanks. How about you? * Great. What can I get you? % I’ll have a Coopers Pale. Pour * That’ll be $4.50. % Oh! Pleasant surprise. Looking at watch. % Is it happy hour? * No, our beers are always this price....

A story to pay the rent 0

A story to pay the rent

He stopped me in the street and he said “Hey love, sorry to bother you, but I had a car accident… and I can’t work anymore… and my wife died… and my daughter’s got cancer… and I can’t afford to pay the bills…” I laughed and laughed. “Oh god, mate,”...

Thanks, flower lady 0

Thanks, flower lady

There are many reasons to love the Eveleigh Farmers markets on Saturdays. The bourgeois buzz, the fresh food, the tasty treats. But I really love the friendly people. Like the cute dykey girl who gives free samples of apples. Or the nice flower lady who didn’t laugh at me when...

Vampires 0


I suspect vampires. I do. I haven’t read any vampire fiction, but I’ve watched all of Buffy and I saw Interview with the Vampire at the cinema, but I turned up late and my friends went in without me and I sat up the back by myself. I’m not some...


Corporate graffiti?

On a trip to Newtown, wondering what to eat, aimlessly shuffling between Noodle House and Chinese Noodle House, but not really feeling like noodles, I came across this. I HATE OPTUS but vodafone is nice! Corporate graffiti? Or exercising the right to voice your opinion in a public place?


Booze Bar and Black

Even if you haven’t been to the newly re-opened Beresford yet, no doubt you’ve heard about its sexy curved bar, its naff wine list (organised into cheap, decent, good), and, of course, its magnificent loos. You’ve heard about the loos, right? First, a word about how I ended up in...