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A poo bus

The UK’s first bus run on biogas has hit the streets of Bristol. Wittily named ‘the number two’, the bus runs between Bath and Bristol Airport. The yearly output of 5 people is needed for each tank of gas. Wondering what biogas is? If you haven’t already figured it out,...


How not to sell your book

I’m a member of a Facebook group called “Women Writers, Women’s Books“. It’s an online community of women writers and readers who share their stories and successes, interesting articles, and questions about plot or about publishing. We recently had a discussion about why the group works better than other similar...


Halloween, Croatian Style

My aunt exhorted us to come back and visit for Svi Sveti over the weekend, tempting us with the promise of something special for lunch. “You must come back for All Saints,” she said. “We’ll be killing a turkey.” Well, who could resist? The holiday is a very important one,...


Red, Lonely

Another beautiful piece from one of my very favourite artists, Slinkachu. According to his bio, Slinkachu has been “abandoning little people on the streets since 2006”. I love each and every one of these little guys. I hope you do, too! Check out the post here.


Dynamo Bike & Bake Budapest

In a small courtyard in Budapest, not far from the City Market, down a little cobblestone alley in a quiet part of town where the nicer B&Bs are located, you can find the tiny Dynamo Bike and Bake. We stopped in for a coffee, a cake and a bike rental....


Zagreb Vis a Vis

Quite by accident we ended up at an exhibition launch last night. (it seems to me that I start a lot of blog posts with ‘quite by accident’) Held at the Institut Francais, the exhibition showcases jewellery made by the Jewellery Friends Club. The Club took France as their inspiration,...


A trip to the Dolac

Autumn is hanging on as tightly as it can. After weeks and weeks of dreary rain, the sun has been persistently shining on Zagreb. It’s the perfect weather to head to the Dolac market for groceries. I wish I had the remotest bit of talent to show you how beautiful,...


A Very Tough Marathon

We stumbled into the Zagreb marathon on the weekend. I don’t mean that we accidentally found ourselves running 42 kilometers *shudder*. Just that we went for a walk and BANG, there was a marathon going through the centre of town. And let me tell you, walking down Ilica when it’s...

Pink bus! 0

Dada Cultural Bar – Sofia

Coming home from dinner one night in Sofia we walked past a cool little bar. It looked like a band was just about to start so we popped inside for a beer and a listen. We’re normally pretty rubbish at finding all the ‘cool places’ in a city but lately...


One Nice Tweet

Today I thanked someone I didn’t know for helping me to do something that I never thought I’d need. I’ve made a decision. I’m going to thank complete strangers more often. Every single day I am amazed at the generosity of people on the internet. People who make free WordPress...