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CityTalks – Food security

I went along to the Food Security CityTalks on Tuesday night cos, you know, I’m all about food security. The keynote speaker was David McWilliams, purveyor of Punk Economics. His keynote address included an animation which pretty well summed up my entire Masters degree in 5 minutes. Thanks Dave! You...


Toku Toku truffle trouble

How long does it take the smell of truffle to disperse? It’s been days since I drunkenly and irresponsibly ate out at Toku Toku in Glebe, and I can still smell the truffle oil. That shit be potent, yeah? PS – bloody great food.



I certainly don’t hide the fact that I’m a flaming great big homo, but there’s one thing I’m decidedly un-homo about. Milk. I know I bang on about organic stuff, but my golly goshness Paul’s organic unhomogenised full fat milk is the absolute bollocks. Eating muesli is so much more...


The sustainable urban cook

I was recently given “Urban Cook”  by Red Lantern chef Mark Jensen. It has loads of really nice home style hearty meals and each section is headed by a heap of information on the differences between mass market, sustainable and organic farming practices. I’ve been saying for a while now...

Ban on Baffi? 0

Ban on Baffi?

I’ve only just read that iconic Redfern cafe “Baffi and Mo” is no longer owned by Anne Cooper and Louise Hunt (who have moved on to Orto Trading Co). This in itself is kinda crap – Baffi and Mo was really at the forefront of the regeneration of that corner of...

Living below the line 0

Living below the line

Hello friends, family, lovers, ex-lovers, enemies, travel buddies, pen pals, homos, straighties, in-betweenies, colleagues, comrades and people I met in a bar just once but we hit it off really well and exchanged email addresses and then never stayed in touch (until now), I’m going to be living below the...

One Water launches in Australia 0

One Water launches in Australia

A friend recently pointed out that paying $1 a litre for petrol is nothing, when in the same service station you can pay up to $9 a litre for water. Why Australians would pay so much for something that comes out of our taps in abundance practically for free is...

Friday Flush 15.08.08 4

Friday Flush 15.08.08

I recently did a study of female toilet users in pubs, trying to get an idea of what women like and don’t like about public toilets. I was surprised that one of the things that came out top of the list was hand dryers – most women prefer hand towels....