Booze Bar and Black

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  1. ampersan6 says:

    The Beresford loos look like something out of a Madonna or late George Michael (!) music video. The toilets sound like the Concorde taking off. THe dyson hand-dryers are a sure win with the gay boys what with their extraordinary blow.

  2. FoodieFi says:

    I’m trying to place the Beresford from my Paddington days, and I looked at your map and got a complete headspin as I was trying to triangulate Oxford St, Sydney with Bourke St, Melbourne and everything started to go blurry.

    I have, however, been to the Colombian, for the express purpose of using their loos (the women’s ones were, understandably, hard to find) and I’ve also seen that sonic Guinness contraption. Funky? Yes. Freaky? Definitely.

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