Author: lividlili


Belgrade’s hearts

Belgrade has a lot of heart, but it doesn’t have a heart, per se. There’s nothing that counts as the ‘centre’ of town, as far as I could tell. It’s one of those cities, a bit like Sydney, that has many centres, many points of reference, many hearts. I found...


Short story competitions fees and prizes

I suppose it sounds mercernary, but I’ve started keeping track of just how much return on investment I can expect for short story competitions. There are a lot of comps and I have finite financial resources and so I want to get the most bang for my buck. Obviously, I...


A Life in the Day of Tom Baker, 1978

In the course of doing research about my novel, which is set in London the mid-1970s, I found this absolute gem of a piece about Tom Baker, also known as Dr Who. Baker talks depression, alcoholism, Soho, awkward hugs and medical emergencies – all of my favourite topics! In an...


Life renewal

This past few weeks in Australia have given me an opportunity to catch up on life admin – I renewed my photo ID and got a new Medicare card, things of that nature. But the very first thing that I did – literally on day one at my parents’ place...


Excited about Black Panther

Okay, so I’m a cis white middle-class queer Australian woman – but I am psyched as hell for the latest Marvel comic book movie Black Panther. Because even cis white middle-class queer women get mighty fucking bored of scrolling through movie after movie of white dude, white dude, white dude, white...


COOH loos

During a conversation with a client today, I revealed many things about myself – not always to my best advantage. But one of those was the fact that I used to review loos. So here we go again. An unbiased review of the toilets at COOH Alexandria.


Nanowrimo templates for Scrivener, paper and Excel

UPDATE: The 2018 version of these tools are now available here. In the course of Getting My Shit Together (GMST) for the Nanowrimo 2017 challenge ahead, I’ve created a few templates. Everyone knows that no real project can begin until you’ve visited the stationery shop. And so it is with...


Writer chit chat – Myfanwy McDonald

There’s a lot to like about Myfanwy McDonald. First off, she’s in my club – her first and last initials are the same! Let’s face it, always a win. Myfanwy is also an Australian writer, crafter and general all-round cool bird. I spoke with her earlier this year when we...