Do you ever get jealous of other people’s incredible ability to take gorgeous holiday snaps, tell a terrific tourist tale, rave about a hidden gem of a restaurant and always manage to find the party?


I can’t do any of those things! If you’re looking for those stories, you should probably go somewhere else.

I’m a lazy tourist, a lazy writer, a lazy photographer and a lousy drunk.

In these pages you may read a sentence or two about a good holiday destination but mostly you will find out how much the beer was and whether or not I had a hangover the next day. That’s just the way I roll…

I also occasionally rant about feminism and toilets – both of which I love.


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Published work

Out there in the real world I write as N. Newman and Nat Newman and have been published in Shoreline of Infinity, Severine, Diva Magazine, Structo, Brittle Star Magazine, The F Word, Headstuff, Literature Works, LOTL, Opus, New Mardi Gras Short Story Competition and The Disappearing.

I’m also working on several short stories and a couple of novels. So watch out for them! They might bite!